Lisa Keel’s Iris – Naomi Collection

As a child I tagged along with my mother as she was searching for antiques during my summer breaks. These trips lead me to recreate magical family times with my Decadence a la Mardi Gras Jewelry which honors the family traditions I grew up with in New Orleans.
I have created these special wearable pieces of art to honor the influential women of my past; my mother and grandmother. My signature line is named after my grandmother, Iris Naomi, a bold shining light of my youth. Having a strong lineage of Italian, French and Irish continues to influence me today.
As a child I remember the magical moments of seeing precious Mardi Gras jewels of the Courts that Iris and Pete, my grandfather, were so popular to attend as Mardi Gras King and Queen. Those stories and traditions of spectacular colors form the basis of my Decadence Series.

While recovering from Hurricane Katrina something very special happened. I found myself searching for the bits and pieces of my material self instead I found the very essence of my artistic and traditional soul and the inner voices of my youth. I can still see myself being mesmerized by the treasures of the court collected by Iris and passed on even today to the girls of our family. Travel with me to a time of beauty, decadence, and pleasure as you celebrate the time of your life with the voices of the past in these vintage jewelry designs.

Opening reception is Wednesday February 28th from 5:30 – 7:30 PM